​These Ones!

Sitting amongst these angelic souls,

I measure the degree of their humanity.

How soulful they have wretched,

The question of self humanity

Bringing only to shore

Their made excuses.
Their face masked with curiousity,

Fret my spirit 

For a much sought answer.

Their arched brow holds more 

That can be told with their lips

-I know!

For I have also journeyed through their lanes of summary.
If I am given a podium to stand upon

I would speak with my fingers ,

Drawing lines in the air.

I will tell about my future goals,

And the failure I have accomplished in the past.

Praising my inevitable mistakes,

Honouring the darkness in me.

I would answer these hungered looking eyes

That their question 

Was once upon 

A given decision.
Let them rave

I will sit and watch 

Till no one wins.


Opeoluwa Olatunbosun


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