Long Live The Humble Old

It is truely said in letters:

That gray hair is wisdom;

That experience is the best teacher;

That wisdom and age simultaneously increase their kingdom.
The bald men should be respected;

From you a million courtesy to them is expected.

Against them the venom of anger should be extincted;

On their every word must you feed.
O these sagely people;

Sprouting words that would render gods cripple.

Claiming to be God by the testament of age;

They and God are always on a page.
They preach a sermon of humility;

Yet to humility do they have an immunity.

They spin tales of respectiong;

Yet they forget the lessons of reciprocating.
Elders are to be respected;

Youths are to be disregarded;

Children are to be anti-deaf but dumb;

Their foolish wisdom are to be ravished to the last crumb.
Spare me the hypocrisy;

Spare me the tale of your endless odyssey.

These ones seem to have lost the skill of making mistake;

A mountain of faulty preconceptions do they bake.
Long Live The Humble Old;

His death bed would never be cold;

The warmth od youth would surround him;

Effulgent angels would bear him as his life ceases to dim.

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}

©10th September, 2016


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