​Mama I’m sorry

Mama I’m sorry 
I’m sorry Majobe, 

Didn’t mean to hurt you, 

Didn’t mean to stab your heart with a sharp knife, 

Didn’t mean to disrespect you, 

Didn’t mean to cause pain, 

Didn’t mean to break the silver window “trust, hope”,

Didn’t mean to molest

Your feelings, 

I’m a rapist I confess, 

I killed you mentally, 


Physically you weak because of me, 

You lost hope, 

Didn’t contribute to your well-being,

Must rot in jail no bail, dead sentence, 

How can I do this to my sherpard, Queen of my heart, my mentor, my everything, 

But I had to is life challengies testing me how strong I am, 

Strong wall shake but never collapse, 

Copper are burnt but never melt,

Mama I’m sorry,

I want to do right, 


I keep trying and I’m falling, 

This days I don’t judge people who do wrong because you never know what leads them to do that, 

They just want to fulfil that inner desire, 

The opened hole, 

The unfulfilled gap, 

They in needy for that unknown satisfaction, 

But not the friction, 

Mama I’m sorry, 

I can’t anymore, 

You won’t understand anymore because you not close to my heart anymore, 

You not my bestfriend anymore, 

We don’t talk anymore,intrapersonal communication is my bestfriend, 

Pen is my husband, 

Book is my child, 

You just a provider who’s in love with her grandchildren your first priority I know I meanless, that’s why you careless, 

Time will come il leave and start my own life, 

With my own family. 

Mama I’m sorry


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