​My legs are weak

Pain! Pain! 

I confess I am weak, 

I need a hug, 

A hand, 

A mentor, 

My legs are shaking, 

My legs are weak, 

There’s inflammation, 

There’s joint pains, 

But I still jog everyday, 

Just to keep my mentally fitness on standard, 

Because my cognitive system is dying slowly but surely as I pollute myself with suicidal thoughts, lesbianism, substance abuse,heartless being, 

Love manipulator, 

All the above are evil thoughts but is just when you had enough in life and you feel rejected, something had being stolen from you, 

Is like a robbery, 

House breaking, 


Like I’m trying to describe this pain I have deep inside my heart dnt know if we on the same page, 

Wish counselling was my daily routine, 

Wish a psychology can be my bestfriend just to scrutinize my mind, 

I confuse people, 







They really don’t get it what kind of a person I am I just change so suddenly, so rapidly like a lizard, 

I’m unpredictable, 

I’m also lost too, 

Just can’t understand myself think I’m demon possessed, 

I’m a person, 

Who’s scared to start over, 

Who don’t trust anymore, 

Lost hope, 

Don’t believe anymore, 




Dead feelings, 



Hence il be smiling infront of you, 

That’s why they call me “smilly”,

But they never no there’s fire in my heart tried to call fire fighters ai no kunzima,

Tried praying my prayers dnt work, please hold my hands let’s pray together, 

I tried to cry just not to bottle makes no different.

Please let’s pray!


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