I really still don’t understand why you can’t resist them 
Frequently claiming to be in love with all of them 
Honestly, you are nothing but a bloody liar
Your room is now known to be a lair 
Robbing poor ladies of their precious virtue
Heard you call yourself a pastor, is that even true??
You claimed Chastity is your watchword 
Even made abstainace your byword 
But all these are ways and tatics to make them believe you 
Provoking them to place strong curses on you 
And after all said and done 
You eventually married none 
Mr John Doe, you decided to settle down with a perfect miss Jane Doe 
Your elaborate wedding was another way of reinstituting old foes 
Now its 25 Years and you haven’t still produced a JOHN DOE JNR 
the doctor said the problem is with you JOHN DOE SNR
Hmm, after a life recklessly spent  
You now hope that all your sins can be hent…


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