Am still intimate with these wordsNowadays its fast becoming my speech

Don’t get me wrong its still spoken word

You should be furious by now,like what is he talking about?

Alright can you name the first president of the first African nation?

that should take you more than seconds to vomit the answer

Cancer is what comes in your mind when we ask

What happens when two organs intimately intermingle?

shame!the disease of sex comes upright

Light is what we are telling you now

We are just too close to words

Our key to opening any world

Aye!we soulmates with letters

Obsessed on top of being possessed

Against any traditional, conventional way of culture

This is the structure of post millennia all things written

We don’t need your papers full of rules

Its a democracy

Certainly we don’t need that laureate.
Poet we in the second stanza

How do you hate this sound now?

Told you it was beyond your capacity

Thinking of committing suicide on these words..

Am glad you just got intimate with it.


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