One day I’ll leave forever.

Live forever

Live forever

One day you will miss
One day I’ll leave you forever 

One day I’ll be the past

One day you will think and say damn I lost a diamond 

One day you’ll wish to go back to the good days

One day you will wish to find someone like me…

Yet il be gone

Gone for real 

And shall be no more

You will wish to swallow time and digest it

Bt time will b ticking as usually 

What you have now value that, 

Adore that, 

Because all the good people are limited addition, 

Hard to find 

Hard to get

Time wasted shall never be gained,

One day you will think of me and cry, 

One day you think of me and say If… 

One day you will think of me and wish to you could be God and change the situation, 

One day you look at my photo’s and paint your imagination with the real image, 

You will cry, 

You will smile, 

You will regret, 

You will be blaming yourself,

You wish to I never left, You will think deep, 

You will have memories, 

I pray you realize while I’m still in your presence because one day il be gone. 

One day….


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