The Burden Of Fear


Fear is likened to the bitter kola:

The weak sees it as the virus ebola;

The brave embraces it with fear;

Then it becomes so dear.
Fear is a notorious criminal;

It has stolen the guts of the gutless.

Axed down and crippled a thousand hearts,

Making them ignoramuses to love’s acts and arts.
Fear is a bastard child of love,

And the father is unknown.

Love has given birth to this feeling so known.

Hate is the opposition that fears carve.
Fear’s half brother is caution.

While fear is the caution of dark;

Caution is the fear of light.

Caution exists when fear goes into the black.
Fear reminds of death;

When memory thinks on birth.

Fear lives in the future;

The present is a moment to nuture.
So don’t fear to face fear;

Dare danger don’t dodge danger’s dagger.

Tame this tenacious tiger, ‘ts tent should thy tear;

Win war without a wager.

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}


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