You are More than enough
You are More than enough

Don’t settle for little

Rush in for much

It’s insane to stay on the plain

When you can move on to the mountain

Aim and shoot your rifle

To your target, believe anything can happen

Never be belittled by your circumstances

Go for it, take your chances

See, you are more than a conqueror

Not a failure, take your boat and sail on

See beyond your present condition

Bring to life your inner vision

Don’t let that thief steal your dream

Yes, that thief called doubt

Shine forth your light, never go dim

You have spent to much time inside, it’s time to fly out

Dare for more like pepsi

Up to blue sky like chealsea

Believe, nothing is impossible

Do all your dream requires you to do

Listen to that still voice in your heart

It needs to be heard

You have a purpose on planet earth

Believe, forget what anybody said

Remember, greatness comes with it a price

Forge ahead, fix your eyes on the prize

Don’t get carried away by your enemies lies

Be gentle as a dove still like a serpent be wise

You are more than what you see in the mirror

There is a king in you

You are much more than just your body figure

There is a queen in you.


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