​When love comes around 

When love comes around 

Raise us high and sometimes strike us down the ground

In a cold season where a world is seizing to believe in the living of a genuine love and its reason

What do we do; what song do we sing
When the place we’ve been and the people we’ve seen shape our feelings and direct our love compass

They’ve held us together and tore us apart when we were losing it and running out of dreams

We hurt feelings, we get beaten, we get greedy, we reach limits, we flip leaves

All to get back to that person that makes it all matter, and worth the risk, and from whose sight we see the world’s beautiful bliss
But we are who we are and we sometimes do find our way

Thieves and cheats and selfish, silly, conniving liars but we still find our way

We get broken and yelled at and cry and we still find our way

We get buried in trouble, heart smashed on the floor and terror licks us on the face, and we still find our way
We’re pushed to the wall with solitude on close up and our beliefs on hold up

But Love won’t stop, Love don’t give up

We keep our searchlights up and in the brink of losing it all; It finds us; Love finds us

And everytime we look it in the face; it’s beautiful, and it’s awesome; just because we’ve looked at it.

(c) Sola Adewumi



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