When a politician tells you that he put

On a red boxers with white singlet inside

Ask him to wait till you look at it properly

before you could believe him so to remain insane.

If a man on a campaign rally tells you a tale

make sure you sieve the whole tale to generate 

the truth therein, whoever take a politician’s

Word must have a blocked ear and blind eyes.

Is it not the politician who sees an elephant 

and called it a rat? he sees a snake and praise an

Earthworm with a bow and songs of laughter,

A politician’s mouth kill souls in many ways.

When a politician tells you to wait here

Better find another route to your journey

He may follow money to his death hole

His mouth is as sharp as the kitchen knife!

No politician fight a fellow politician squarely 

They know where to settle after election

Don’t sell your soul to them in the field

As they prostrate for a vote you’re to cast.

A politician’s tongue is full of campaign promises before election, he may decide to sell garri and plantain with you but he is not with you dear!

Your vote is what count for him, cunny fools!

(C) John Chizoba Vincent 

      Voice Of Vincent 2016


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