The yam was divided into four slices by nature,

But the whole was given to the cows by the whites 

and the sheep neglected in the drain of lacks.

There was never unity in the buharificated land;

never was there any connected bridged love for all,

All dances alone in their different attired culture.

Now insanity sounds every nook and crannies,

Mountaining high confusion among our eyes;

Nigeria has gone mad within the space of freedom,

The features of the sky shoots an arrow that

Buttress our hope into a slamming boom shot,

Fifty six donkey years of non-improvement

Yet, the leaders still paint a scary chameleon 

Colours to deceive those who call them Abba father.

Crazy jagabanised hands clapping,

APCified moon-less people cheering, 

Buharified music playing deceitfully

Uncommon feet tapping joyfully

Hidden open skirt twirling whilst

Children watching blood gushing

Toddlers crying without lips 

Adults laughing and chatting without

Minding those things fallen apart

Heart racing as hands of clock are aching

Madam President on a journey to China,

Age rising speedily towards 2019

The mad woman is just there; standing there

Her body clanking with obvious pains; 

Is this the change promised after 1983?

Mr Senator insulted, the masses went on protest,

A preacher killed at the north, nothing was done,

All Christians playing save in their covens waiting for the coming of their king whilst their neighbours carry guns to massacre their faith, is that not 

madness of Christianity?

What did madam President said about the killings?

Are we still in unity or divided just like the yam?

Nigerians has gone weird fighting the landlord instead of the tenant who invaded into the house without notice. 

What is then the way forward to cure our mother of this madness?

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

       Voice Of Vincent 2016


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