Love Is

love is

This craziness that have beseiged me;

Sliming any chances of sanity.

I am like the dog that yearns for a pat;

But have nothing but the rain to do the patting.
My fingers spin their tale;

As the heart is filled with love’s ale.

Striping off deceit’s veil;

And seeking to be redeemed by truth’s bail.
Love is a lie

Only when emotions die;

When the heart have suffered so much cries.

Becoming a myth as time flies.
Love was, is and would be.

Love is as constant as the air.

Do we have old fashioned air?

If not then love is the air we breathe.
Love is like the cosmos,

Too vast for comfort.

Its limit is unknown;

Living a loving life lifts lovers to lofty lengths.

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}


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