The Language Of Love

Love is a special feeling. 

To love makes a truly rare gift,

As never seen in the whole of humanity. 
Some say love hurts, 

Others claim when they try,it gives them shaky feet,

But I believe love is kindhearted, 

And makes all prosper in unity. 
Truly, sorrow and pain 

Has beclouded the minds of some,

They equate love with lust, thus becoming  for them a norm, 

They forget love isn’t selfish, but gives all in.
Love believes that the bad man 

can rise to be a better person, 

Those who we see as being forever lost,

Love does not give up on,

But welcomes to it’s benign arms first. 
Love says,”it doesn’t matter who they say you are”

Even if it takes diving into the deepest river, 

Just So you can live to be loved again,

It’s not So steep a price to pay,so long goes from your heart the pain.
Loves exhumes all bitterness, 

Never leaves any soul to fate or chance,

Ever wonder why the male bird is  always in a mood to dance,

when he sights afar off,his female counterpart 

it’s because in that lone fellow, 

he hears the beating of his own heart 

Though different by individual standard,

still, alike by nature’s loving flow,

Two hearts that beat as one,be as one,love makes this So.
The language of love is simple, 

In it, the darkness goes missing,

But it comes only to the one with the heart to listen, 

because it doesn’t speak with words as men do,

It goes way deeper, 

And is understood only by a few. 
Love brings events, people and nature together, 

Two hearts that beat as one, magically bond forever. 

With love everything falls in line, 

Their natural order.
An experience with love lasts a lifetime, 

Its footprint leave behind a most lasting impression, 

in every soul it has touched,

In the sands of time,

it’s still comforting  echoes,

As raindrops embracing the ocean.

©Victor Chukwuka  




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