In the market, the Government sell verities 

of rumours of future change, we dance well

through the night and when morning comes, we 

saw pains and sorrow instead of good fortune.

How painful it is to hear them speak in their 

sugar coated tongue, and believe in their loosely

song of tomorrow’s leaders yet like little children,

we wake up in succulent bed but sit in tears.

No mourners funeral tears shed with pains 

living is a burden to us, death, a sweet home call; 

for our inhabitants is swollen and our inheritance gone to this wretched world, living is a burden!

Bring back our corruption and take back your 

change, bring back our girls; our boys must 

marry soonest with a writing pen in one hand. 

Repair our Nigeria, repair our fatherland now!

Our feet is now off the line we outlined yesterday,

we are unworthy of the unworthiness cripping in,

we have only one hut in this wretched earth

where the land they have made hard for us to till.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

      Voice Of Vincent 2016


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