Once again am in no man’s land,

Laying on the ground

Behind the histrion, beyond the huge hedge

Don my full garb intact, my head beaded in a bold helmet…

It is hot, I am wet,

Fear has got to me, I never thought it would,

But I remain focused with this gun in my hand,

The visions are fresh,

Blood, the smell of teargas

The smell of rotten bodies

The smell of burnt bodies,

And a mile away, straight ahead I see enemies,

Am prepared to shoot at them without mercies,

Maybe they are keen men with families.

So dear Lord forgive me…

But anyway…  I hide myself quite well,

After death it won’t matter for this is hell,

It’s a good thing am under this breathing spell,

I know the adversary cannot project me,

All they see are the gangling trees,

The green leaves and the clear sky…

After all, am in a camouflage,

They see what I want them to see,

That way when I shoot and kill them,

They won’t see my face in hell.

By Garnet Howse.


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