The forest of hands packing resources

with a peck of lost spirit can’t save us

rather they will leave us with bruises,

Just one man can change Nigeria for better;

only one man can save our embezzled pride.

One man without spot nor blemish can 

stand up for the success of this nation 

when others are seen in the bar of stealing,

a man that has the spirit of service for his home,

who will forget his family to serve his fatherland.
Just one man that will become a servant 

for others to be his master can change Nigeria, 

Only him can put things together in here,

not a drunkard that answers a politician;

not him that makes us loose fuse of rules.

A man that is the paradise of this rootless land 

can change the atmosphere of insanity seen,

 then shall we assassinate fear and take insecurity

hostage among other golf of circumstances.

We can study this board of snowful sky of goodness.

Sometimes I feel like not to cry but I won’t know when tears will fall from my eyes publicly.

I won’t give up my faith for this great abode,

joy shall come our way at dawn when other nation shall go to work and this man arrives here to rule.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

       Voice Of Vincent 2016


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