​​Only Love


only love
only love


We move through life being inspired by many things.

Often ignoring the call of our hearts ~ for noise in the mind.

We rationalize and reason ~ deeming intuition illogical and irrelevant.

So we deny the soul’s longing ~ but become dazed and confused.

The world tells us one way ~ yet there are many paths that lead to victory.

None more pleasing than the ones which move us towards our highest good.

There will never be anything that can satisfy like the journeys we are meant to take.

Nothing soothes or comforts us ~ not for long.

It is only love and our movement towards home and each other that can ever satiate the longing deep within.

We live life to meet its inevitable end ~ finally arriving where only love exists.

And in an that instant we come to realize ~ nothing else ever mattered.

seun seun


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