​In Chains 

in chains
in chains

In the shadow of the light that’s left behind ~ alone again with demons of the mind.

Silently they lie in wait ~ and when one’s guard is down they return with a vengeance.

For we had taken leave to be amongst the stars ~ where such voices can’t be heard.

Forgetting about torment ~ the lonely and repressed.

As joyful moments will render us free from such pain.

But this is planet earth ~ where love is fully known through living with its opposite.

The flames that render some to ashes ~ will emblaze others to rise.

What is it that has angered us so about this journey and its grail?

Deep loneliness is an ache that resides ~ making exile feel like home.

The pain that gets worse daily ~ can take away all hope.

Grief will feed on the very soul it feels ~ and then leave it there to die.

Freezing hearts left out in the cold by ones we knew would keep them warm.

At times emerging through lives that make us wonder why we ever came.

Yet here we are ~ sacred particles of light encased in densely human forms.

The world would have us think we are nothing but disappearing segments in time.

For in the hour glass of life we could be meaningless grains of sand.

Slaves to the burden of living ~ not even knowing why.

Following paths they say to take ~ obliging in despair.

Ignorance is bliss until it eats away the soul.

As the mind will give good reason to strip away our faith.

And want us not to ask for the greater of love’s need.

While keeping us in chains ~ not realizing we are free.


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