He took my life

he took my life
he took my life

I did not start out a spirit,

I was flesh,

Just like hides covered skeleton

The one humans call skin,

I had the best there is.

It was dark and lovely.
Cold Sunday,

It was unusual, My feeble self

Shaken by the the atmosphere.

Silent was the street of strays,

As i walked home

From the house of grace.
I fell face down, knees bent,

But this to many 

was not true death,

But yet i bled,

many wailed and wept,

But those who knew, cheered.
My skin turned white as snow,

No one came to my aid,

They all watched like it was a show.

Little did i know,

I had just been saved,

By his grace.
I was stabbed,

By words sharper than daggers.

He took my life

And breathe into me LIFE.

I cherish more, what was given,

than what was taken.

    Sir. Tomisin Eshton✍🏾


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