I thought we were more than 
Paragraphs on paper

I thought we grew wings of same DNA

I thought our lens were of same shade when we swam.

I thought all was well

When our legs interlocked

But it wasnt..
I was about to leave the house in California

When Janet told me

About your dubious colours

How they shone inside

But grew dull inside

She told me

Of ur long infuriating legs

Eish,its stab me in the chest

That you could disable our treasured name.
U know father will rather kill u,

Than make u paint the whole house in ashes

U are aware mother will curse her womb

For ever housing ur feotus

U know I wont even say an hello

Or meet u again at the garden.

We wont dance under the rain again

Neither will we sit and watch the sun rise and set

William will never let his images droop at ur porch.

We will leave u.

While u drown in the sea of ur affection
We should be one against many

But u drew me out of ur well of concern

So I leave u too wallow in this poverty u create urself.
Come back when its early tomorrow

I will leave the house

So u can hide ur homeless beauty

From the world to laugh at.
Goodbye sister

obsessed poet


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