too young to love

“But teacher..”

“But what!Bring it or it will be a matter of force”She cut me

short rising up and heading towards where we were.

I picked the piece of paper from the ground,and handed it to


She unwrapped it and started reading it.

All this time my heart was throbbing hard against the chest

and i knew that was indeed the end of us..

I had almost forgoten that my d**k was hunging outside my

shorts when the teacher ordered me to stand up…………


I quickly held it back to its position as i made myself stand

and made sure nobody saw this.

My heart throbbed hard like an old train running on

contaminated diesel as the teacher made thorough search on

my pockets.She clouded over June and searched in her

pockets for what none of us seemed to know what it was.I

could figure from the corner of my eyes how she rolled over

her eyes on the floor looking for something she seemed not to


“Are you sure you were not doing something different from

what i asked you to?”She asked looking straight at the both of


We nodded our heads to mean yes and she handed the peace

of paper back to me.

“Resume your seats and don’t you dare act chicky.Continue

with your discussion!” She barked and we were relieved.

All through as i sat,i was wondering how and why the teacher

had decided to let us free and act as if what she had just

caught us doing was rather not offensive but legal to her

stand.I couldnt imagine she was the same who had just come

from barking at us as if we had shitted black on her face,and

now here she is asking us to sit down and continue with our

work so nicely as if she had just realized that she wasnt

supposed to be hard on us.

I couldnt understand why after reading the note june had

passed over to me,she still afforded to return it back instead

of giving us a thorough beating we could live to narrate.

How,all of a sudden has she turned to be so nice.How and


As i stole corner glimpses at June,i could read she too was

sailing into some sort of confusion same as i..

All in all,we were yet to find out.I kept calm,took a great

breathe and resumed seriousness at work.

The remaining time of the double lesson to me seemed like a

whole lifetime.I kept checking on my wrist watch wondering

when the class would be over.Seeing the teacher at the front

was like seeing a ghost in your dreams.So terrifying.

Luckily,like a God sent fate,the gong went loud on on the air

and my heart beat decreased its pace.The class was finally

over.I was so much relieved and as the teacher left the class

saying nothing like FOLLOW ME,i did some two somersaults

inside my heart and my smile portrayed my happiness.Why

dint she punish us?Why did she let go off us?Without even a

See me??

Woooh..whoops..phewk..i sighed with relief like someone who

had just been missed hit by an oncoming truck.

I was planning to remove the note and read its content before

i threw it away,or before it saw its way down my throat.I was

waiting for everyone else to leave the class and as i sailed in

these moments of when and where should i read it,someone

tapped on my back and as i swung around,there stood my all

time buddy,Marto.

“Hey,i just saved your little ass.You owe me some big!”He said


“Ati you saved my ass..How?”i inquired to know.

“Haha.Thank God Shura did not get the note”He said.Shura

was our science teacher’s nickname coming from a shrub she

made on her first debut into the class where she used “sh” in

place of “ch”.and so she said Shura instead of Chura.There

she got herself a brand..

“What do you mean.I cant get you.”i seeked clarification.This

time,everybody else had left the class and it was the two of us

only left behind.

“Here”he stretched his hand.

It was a dirty piece of paper with a note on it.I read it and this

is what it stipulated

“Ghai aki mose nafeel kitu ndani ya mwili siezi explain.Ebu

tumeet kwa store room jioni watu wakienda home kuna kitu

nadai kukushow.pliease Eat this paper after reading”

And i was confused even more.

“Who from?” I asked wearing a consternated face.

I sunk my hands into my pockets to fetch the other note i had

put.I fished it out and unwrapped it ,read it and laughed my

tits off.On it,was a reference number for a science text book


“When you dropped the note on the floor,i pulled it over the

floor with one of my legs and hid it in my pocket.When the

teacher asked you to pick it,i pushed over another piece of

paper and thats what you unknowingly picked and handed to

her.”Marto narrated.

Then i scanned over the occurences and created a connection

for all of the earlier incidents and kumbe thats how it had

happened?You mean were it not for Marto i would probably be

grinding my teeth somewhere in pain.i was so happy i even

found myself embracing him in a “THANK YOU BUDDY.YOU


Truly,it was an ass saved..I read the letter again and again not

believing it was from June.

“Bro,cheza safe”Marto tapped my back and took his

leave.”Tuonane Kesho unishow venye kutaenda” he added

disappearing in thick air.

I was now left with meeting June at the store room later that

evening for an agenda i did not want to conclude myself..”May

be she wants us to discuss some national matters like

Terrorism and Economy status”I thought

Hours swam away very fast and soon it was six pm,and the

whole school compound was vacated.I pretended i was

extending a little bit busy on my books but only God knew.At

around six thirty,i tiptoed towards the store room that was

located at the dark edge of the school field and after ensuring

nobody was seeing,i cracked on the door and pushed it faintly

open.I made myself in,and there she was,June,a young girl in

her mid thirteen,standing against one of an already damaged


Part3 waiting——–

Written by Miss. Maura


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