(Any resemblance to real names,persons,events or

places should therefore be treated as a complete



Some memories go unforgotten.

I remember a day back then when i was in class seven,a new

girl was enrolled into our school and was placed to sit just at

the back of my desk.She was a fairly tall brown girl with a light

darkened hair and a bright smile that displayed a white set of

her dental formula.

I remember my eyes could not get off her as she walked into

the class room to be shown where to sit and my heart beat

increased with each pace she made towards her sitting

position.The huge gong went exploding and it was break

time.Everyone else left the class and it was only the two of us

left inside the room.For her,she could not walk out simply

because it was her first time in that school and she needed

time to first of all learn people around,familliarize with the

environment and get settled immediately.

For me,the case was different.I was a commoner,with a

hidden motive behind my stay back.I keenly arranged my

locker and swung around to face her,and our eyes met in mid


She was beautiful.Her eyes shone and the face glitterd with

gorgeousness.I found myself stummering of which no word

came out of my mouth and my nervousness betrayed me..


She was quick to learn my timidness which came from the

shyness of talking to a girl and with a quick ‘God-sent-hi’ she

introduced herself as June and i was relieved by the save.

“Oh.hi.what a nice name.I’m Jose.How do you

find the school.Welcome by the way”

And the conversation prolonged until when the gong went

again and it was time for everyone to storm back into their

respective classes.

Our chat ceazed immediately the first pupil stepped in,and we

wore back our serious faces.All through the lesson,i could feel

an incentive that lured me into constantly looking behind in

pretence of borrowing something or seeking clarification of a

point stipulated by the teacher.All this was but a feign to just

steal glances from June.Her beauty was irresistible,that i can

bet on it.That was the first day,and it never dawned on me

that we could by any chance ever get into each other like we

did but thats exactly what happened.

Weeks later,we got fond of each other and knew each other to

even greater depths.It was in this course that i learned

something from June that to me sounded extra-ordinary

especially when comparing her to other girls.

It seemed to me that her upstairs by then was far much

beyond everyone else’s in the class.Her strange behaviour that

was different from other girls,was probably the reason i found

her more of much way too far mentally updated.She was a girl

who by then,i surmise, could almost write a 3million pages

romance novel.Everything in her spoke romance.The way she

dressed,talked,walked,whispered,all these impressed a certain

kind of sensation of which it was me and a few others could

probably notice.

I remember a day we were put into Science discussion groups

and it happened that she was placed in the same group as

mine.When in those groups,we were supposed to interlock our

desks in a way that the front of one desk came first on the

front of another desk so that when seated,we could all face

each other.I resumed a position that was just parallel to June

in that if i were to point a finger directly on my front,it would

land on her.

“REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM” The group Leader commenced and

we all played in participation.I loved the topic so much for

reasons i could not maturally explain then and this was clear

by the way i contributed much into it.

Suddenly,as we were getting intense into the topic,i felt a faint

touch on my right thigh and as i almost jumped off,i realized

June was looking straight into my eyes.Her look on the face

communicated something.She was looking at me suggestively

and i concluded myself some nasty deed is gonna happen.I

pretended to drift back into the discussion until when i felt

another touch,this time larger than before.I did not bother to

look up.I continued pretending that the topic was so

interesting and if any everyone else should concentrate on it.

June’s touch was growing intense with every minute that

passed.She started caressing my both thighs in circles until i

could not concentrate any more.

I pushed over my right hand beneath the Desk and went for

her soft hands.We looked at each other and she winked at

me.My man was battling up inside my boxers to be freed and

get to see the beautiful goddess that had woken him up.I

swallowed a huge lump of saliva as she went past my school

shorts to reach for my man who was bulging hard against my


I could not believe for a moment this was happening.I had

thought i was in a dream when she suddenly pulled out my

buldoza and stroked it twice.

I almost panicked.My heart rate of throb increased by two and

i was afraid any of the group members could notice and raise

alarm.June appeared not to be bothered by anything.Infact,she

kept pulling me closer as if she wanted the entire of me on her

if not close to her..

Oh my God i was terrified.I had not been into such situation

before and i hadnt known what to do or go about it..

Slowly by slowly,she caressed my man and i could feel the

impact down my veins.I was experiencing a feeling i had never

interacted with before.My arousal was getting to its climax

and soon im gonna yell out”THITIMA!!”.I started to drift into a

world of imagination and all i could see of us is me kicking the

hell out of her right on top of that desk..

She knew i was enjoying every moment of it and she made

sure to do it in a professional manner.So nice calm and


She pulled my right arm and placed it on her thigh.I knew what

she wanted.I started caressing her juicy thighs until when she

almost lost control of her stimulation.She had at some point

made a slight mourn and everyone looked at her wondering

what the hell could be with her.The speed at which i withdrew

my hands off her thighs when everyone faced at our

direction,only God and I knows.

I realized that her breast were erect and she seemed restless

probably being bothered by some unexplainable feeling.

She tore a piece of paper from her book and i could see she

was writing a note.

She passed the wrapped piece of paper and i gently picked it

and as i was heading it into my pockets,i heard a loud voice

that made me drop the piece of paper on the ground.

“Hey Moses!What is it that the two of you are writing to each

other.Eeh??I have been watching you for a while and i can see

you are not concentrating.Can you hand over that note she

has just passed over in secrecy!”,The science teacher


And i knew that was the end of me if not the beginning of my


“But teacher..”

“But what!Bring it or it will be a matter of force”She cut me

short rising up and heading towards where we were.

I picked the piece of paper from the ground,and handed it to


She unwrapped it and started reading it closely right beneath

her nose.

All this time my heart was throbbing hard against the chest

and i knew that was indeed the end of us..

I had almost forgot that my d**k was hunging outside my

shorts when the teacher ordered me to stand up……………


Written by Miss. Maura


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