I saw snow fall in Lagos

Near the busy road of Oshodi

It was astonished

By the colour of the snow

It was bright and cold

It smelt like charcoal!

I saw the snow mama!

It rained snowfully in Lagos

It rained without ceasing

Even the skies looked pale

And the earth bent down

As if to vomit her children

And I wondered within me

Why this was so?

Some said it was the end time

Some also said it was a blessed sign

Others rebuked and yelled at my speech


They said I was drunk with new wine!

But…I saw it mama,

I saw the snowballs of heaven

Fall on my motherland!

The feeling, the beauty, the sight

Of having one close to my side,

Then struck my mind.

I bent lower to pick some snowballs

And keep them to rear

But they were too heavy for my hands to hold

Oh, my heart has been deceived

And who can I turn to for repair

To heal me of this foolishness,

To tell me the words of rebuke,

To console my heart

From the long pursuit of a proof,

To show my brothers

How I found snowballs fall in Lagos?

Ah!.. mama, it’s all over now

My senses are now returned

I need not be turned again

I am awake, and yes, I know;

It’s still muddy in Lagos. —

seun seun


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