too young to love
As i saw myself in,she beckoned that i close the door behind

and i pushed it close slowly and carefuly not to alert any

passer by.The room was dimly lit with only little light coming

from the already setting sun rays through the cracks on the

wall.From inside the room,the only sound that reached us was

from the passing vehicles on a road that was just nearby.Time

was running short and from what i assumed,it was soon going

to fall into complete darkness.

I made one step infront and was wondering why for all this

time,she had made no effort of uttering even a single word yet

she was the supposed host and i the invited guest.

“Oh umm..hi” i greeted avoiding direct contact with her..

She rose from leaning against the locker and moved a step

closer to me.In my entire life,i had never been such close to a

girl like it was at that moment.The gap between us was too

mild that if i were to say a word,she would have heard it even

before i said it.I started running nervous and the jelly between

my knee caps fired up.I could feel her breath caress my

nostrils as she got a little bit closer and this time my front

came first on hers.

“Mose.”She called faintly looking directly into my eyes.

“Yes June”i voiced back in a similar tone.

“Are you afraid of me?”She asked

“No June.Im not.Why”

“You look so tense and worried.Is this your first time?”

At this time,her lips were closer to mine like she wanted to

plant a kiss on them.Its true i was nervous and my condition

betrayed me.

I faced away to vast the distance but she pulled me by my

hands towards her.

Calm down Mose,be cool.I told myself trying to ease my

tension.I never wanted her to take me for a shy boy who could

rather collapse infront of a girl than dare act dirty with her.No

.not this time.

I gathered some little courage and manned up.I placed my

hands around her waist and held her to me.I could read from

her eyes that there is something she wanted and could not

just ask for it in bear words.It was upon me to make that

conclusion and act immediately.

I drew my lips towards her and she retaliated.She gave me a

coy look before processing a faint kiss on my lips and as if it

had been planned for,we found ourselves indulged in a lengthy

wrapp up as we ascended into a world of milk and honey.

She was much into something she needed most of which for

me i felt i could not fulfil.The way she jiggled and wiggled as

we caressed potrayed a lustful girl stopping at nothing to get

her satisfaction.Her fingers ran down my groin yard and

reached for my zip.I ran my fingers on her back down to her

bottoms and cupped her round butts into my palms.I brought

her foward with a thrust and sunk my nails into her flesh.I

searched for her thighs and rose my fingers up towards her

territory and she lifted up in a slight mourn.I did away with her

dress and drew away her innerpants aside to pave way for

some little warm up for her pu***y .I clenched the tips of my

fingers into the oppening and she sighed holding me tight.All

this time,we were leaning against the dusty wall but never

seemed to worry anything about.She unzipped my

shorts,lowered my innerwears and out sprung my man with an

explosion..She stroked him twice and i ran feeble.I breathed

heavily amid romance and i almost told her to do it again and

again.She went on her knees and sunk my d**k into her

mouth.I could feel it throbb hard as she rolled her tongue on

it.I held her at the back of her head and helped her get my

man deep into her mouth as i had usually been seeing in the

numerous clips i was used to watching..She rose on her feet

and came for my lips once again.We ran our fingers on each

other as we drifted into a world of illusion full of romance.Her

body was so sweet wrapped up in my arms.I reached for her

breasts and pressed them hard.I massaged them as she tilted

her head backwards producing a slight mourn.


I lifted her dress and dropped it on the floor her breast falling

loose in vicinity.I went for the nipples and got them engaged

with my tongue.I played around with them and this time she

was mourning harder due to great pleasure……

Suddenly!!We heard some two heavy footsteps pounding

around and that seemed to be drawing near to the store room.

Our embrace was cut short and the beautiful moment instantly

came shuttering down.

We ran for our clothes in panic and shushed up to listen.

“Her mother has called to say she has not yet arrived

home”One voice went on air and it was the deputy


I ran to peep through a hole on the wall and i saw them

coming towards the store room.

“I have not seen her around”The watchman said,”i have

checked in all classes”

“Look,the store room is open”The deputy headmaster

pointed.”Why haven’t you closed it?”

“It was closed when i last passed there.Someone must have

opened it.Let me check”The watchman said pacing up

towards the door.

“Oh my God”We tensed.

“What do we do.We are done Mose”June panicked biting her

first finger.Soon,the watchman is going to find us and

everything will sink into hell.

“Calm down June..Calm down”i eased her.

I pulled her at the back of the door and we ran silent like a

grave.We waited for wrath to unfold infront of us for that was

the least we could have expected.We closed our eyes and

hoped for the best but prepared for the worst.

Sooner,the door knob was twisted and the door flew


Part 4 loading…

Written by Miss. Maura


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