too young to love
We held each other in consternation,june’s head sinking deep

into my embrace.She was shivering like a leaf in an empty

open of a windy desert.My heart too was pounding so hard

threatening to break the chestcage and throb from the


What will they think of us.Will the deputy give us a thorough

beating?Will we be exposed to everyone during the morning

assembly?Will our parents be called to be informed of our

unruly character?How will they respond?How will we plead

innocent?All these were fears and questions crisscrossing our

minds.We were terribly shaken by the incident.I crossed my

first finger over the second finger and said a brief prayer to

God.”If any,God dont let us be caught”

Suddenly,light flushed over the whole room and it was coming

from the watchman’s huge sportlight torch.We freaked a little

bit as he walked inside searching from beneath the chaotic

lockers.From where we were,we could view his back at an

angle and we knew he would soon turn around and meet our

eyes.We were shaken.

“Ring ring ring”went his mobile phone and phewks,we were

relieved when he walked outside to receive the call.

“Yes,yes i’m the school’s watchman.Yes Mama June…No we

have been searching all over the school compound but in

vain…Yes…Yes..Or could it be that she went to one of her

friend’s home…Okay..Dont worry Mama June im sure she is

safe wherever she is…I will inform you as soon as i know of

her whereabouts..Thankyou”That was the conversation we

eavesdropped and which added to our then freaked situation.

“Your parents must be worried about you”I whispered into

Junes ears in a shaky voice.

“We have to be out of here as soon as possible”i added

looking at the direction of the rooms window.

“There,lets get out through the window”i voiced tiptoeing

towards the old window now that the watchman had locked

the door from outside..

June was so shaken that she even was not in a position to say

a word.She just did as per what i directed her without even

asking or answering to any of my questions.At that time,she

believed that whatever my directions were,they were right and

were the only SAVE US.We managed to pop out through the

window and ran over behind the upper classes.

We surpassed a tall vegetation after jumping over the fence

and ran towards the road.There,an oncoming motorcycle

flooded its light over us and i waved at it to hault.

“You have to take a motorcycle home.You parents must be

looking for you everywhere.”i told her.

“Thanks Mose.”She hugged me and boarded the motorcycle.I

fished out some one hundred shillings from my pocket and

gave it to the cyclist.

Off,they set and phewks,i was relieved.

“Thanks God for saving us”i uttered.Someone could have

thought a beast had been chasing us from the way i breathed

off in relief..

I paced up towards home and found that my grandmother had

already went to slumber.

“Shosho.Shoshoo!”I called from the outside of her room and

she called back.

“How have you been shosh.You slept too early today”i said.

“I have been alright grandson.What took you so long at

school.I was beginning to tremble at you coming late”

“Im cool shosh.Just extending my studies.You know how

demanding the subjects are”i lied.

“Okay then.You better do your things fast and go to sleep

early.The keys to the kitchen are at the window where we

place them.Get yourself something to eat then we will talk

tomorrow.Alright?”She said.

“Goodnight shosh.I love you shosh”i said,walking up to the


I loved my grandmother so much for she was the one who

brought me up since my childhood.My mother then lived at

some place far from home where she worked for our

upkeep.We therefore lived with our shosh,three of us,my elder

sister,my younger brother and i.

My dad and mum had separated sometime back when we

were still young and He settled elswhere to remarry.My mum

was therefore our mum and dad and did whatever it took to

ensure our stay was healthy and of good condition..

As i sat on the two legged chair inside the kitchen,many

thoughts ran through my tiny ablangata.

How is June.Has she arrived home safe and sound?How will

her parents react to her late coming?Oh God protect

her.Forgive us Lord.

I munched some delicious rice ndengu my grandma had

prepared and walked up to my room that was built in the

outside of the main house.

I was so remourseful for acting dirty with June.As i sat on my

bed facing the roof,some voice inside me reminded me of

what a goodboy i was.How my grandma had brought me up to

be.”Socialize with girls but do not go to an extent of falling

into relationship with them.Never talk so close to a girl unless

she is your little daughter”Her words lingered into my mind.

I had betrayed myself.I had done what was contrary to

grandma’s teachings..Oh God forgive me.

I promised myself not to make a repeat of my foolish acts and

in a low tone,i uttered a brief prayer before drifting off to



I walked up to the class breathing heavily.I had woken up late

than usual,and had to do my things really fast.I found our

deputy headmaster who happened to be our Kiswahili teacher

inside the class and when i got in,the class exploded into a

loud laughter that even the deaf could hear.June was standing

at the front just next to the deputy and i felt a freaking

lightening strike my spinal code.My intestines expanded and

contracted in an unusual manner and i sensed something must

be wrong.

“Talk of the devil….”

“And the devil here comes!!”the class completed the deputy’s


In smacks and whacks,heavy and frightening thoughts

showered over my brains and i was wondering whether our act

in darkness had finally come revealed in bare light.

“Come here.!”The deputy called.

“You have a case to answer!!”

Finished.Kwisha.I concluded it myself that our mischevious

behaviour had finally come into everyone’s knowledge.

A plump piece of stroke lay on the table and i knew that was

to end up on my back.

“Come .Come come.Hurry up”The deputy called beckoning

that i go closer………


Written by Miss. Maura


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