​I cause distrations


Sorry Mr I disturbed you mentally, 

Sorry Mr I tempted you, 

Sorry Mr I hypnotized you, 

Sorry Mr I seduced you, 

And you were sedulous, 

Sorry Mr I made you loose control, 

Sorry Mr was an attention seeker, 

Sorry Mr was feeling lonely, 

Wanted love, 

Wanted a hug, 

Wanted acceptance, 

Wanted someone to talk to, 

Wanted that inner peace, 

Was consoling myself,

Sorry Mr I feel guilt, 

Sorry Mr this is my fault I’m the one who rejected by majority, 

I’m the one who’s lost,

I’m the one who wanted to be loved, 

I’m the one who’s in need, 

Sorry Mr I’m an intruder in your life, 

Sorry Mr if it hurts, 

But I’m sorry, 

Sorry Mr I caused fights,

Sorry Mr I love you can’t help it. 

Written by Phumgirl


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