too young to love
too young to love

I walked closer to him shivering like a sheep’s wool during

winter seasons.

“Do you know why i called the two of you here”He asked.

“I..i ..have no idea sir”i said shaking my head horizontally.

All this time,my stomach was running empty but full of fear.I

felt like exquzing myself to rush for an eternity call.I filled it

myself that June had done the unforgiving act of deciding to

finally spill the beans.I looked at the way she shook in

complete tension and knew things were nevet going to turn

out the same way i found them.I would walk out of that room

a different person from what i got in being.An

embarrased,shameful boy.A wretch who went opposite to the

prescribed conduct of the community to stripe a girl naked in

a store room to kick the hell out of her.How low did i

stoop.Terribly low.

The deputy pulled out a paper from amongst a pile of others

and handed it over to me.It was my kiswahili exam answer

paper for a test we had sat for previously.He handed another

question paper and told me to check at question number thirty


I read the question carefully and compared it with the answer i

had provided in my answer paper.

“How could the two of you fail in such a simple question.You

mean you do’nt know what Thursday is in Kiswahili?”The

teacher asked pounding the plump cane on the table.

“Out of 22 pupils in the class only the two of you failed in that

question.Touch your toes you have to taste some three K.Gas”

K.Gas was the name he usually used to reffer to some three

hot strokes he normally gave to anyone who failed in simple

questions or who went contrary to his will.

I was the most excited person at that moment.Excited not

because i had been beaten for failing in a simple querry,but

because my aweful expectations turned out contrary to what i

had surmised.I had thought the two of us had been called out

there for engaging in an immoral act last night and that it was

time the world knew of what fools we were.

I did not even feel the intesity of the canes on my buttocks

because the pain was dissolved in the relief i had just endured

upon knowing our deeds still remained a secret between June

and i.For once in a couple of hours,i smiled and soliloqued a


We resumed our seats and the lesson continued.All along,i

could feel June was stealing some constant glances from me.I

was in much anxiety to know how she had managed to

deceive her parents,or what exactly did she say to them that

did not cause a big deal?That she will tell me after this class.

I opened my locker’s cap to fetch my Kiswahili exercise book

and i was astonished to find it just at the top.

“But i think i had sunk it beneath yesterday”I wondered.I

remembered clearly having placed it at the bottom of the

other books the day before.Who must have been in my


All in all,i removed it and as i placed it on the locker,a piece of

paper slipped from its inside and i rashed to hide it in my


**hi mose.its june.i missed you.Waah,i managed to deceive

my old folks and everything is alright.I want us to meet again

today please.lets talk during the break time and decide where

to meet.Destroy this paper after reading**was the message on

the piece of paper.

What!Again?Risk again?! I exclaimed inside myself.No.This

time round No.I was afraid of risking my life again like it had

happened yester night.I lost my concentastion after reading

the piece of paper.All this time i was staring at June’s

beauty.She was gorgeous indeed,no denial.Starting from her

beautiful eyes down towards her well fixed sharp nose on her

brilliant face.Her lips were always wet,liquidy,and sweet to

admire.She was a marking scheme of beauty.Her two round

boobs standing firm on her chest defined a well taken care of

breasts,so nice and tender.She had a fairly protruding butt

behind her curved hips that were always admirable inside her

school dress.Her height,slight with awesome legs that carried

her beautiful self.She had a unique and an outstanding

walking style that if she passed by,nobody restrained from

having a look of more of herself.She was that irresistible girl

who if she farted,you would ask her to fart again and again.

She was really beautiful.A heaven goddes at her mid thirteen.

Finally,the class towed into a close and the class busted into

chants,laughter,talks and shouts.I diverted from looking at her

and pretended to be busy puting my locker into order.

I felt a faint palm place on my shoulder and i looked up only to

meet the most beautiful eyes in the world.

“Hi.Have you seen my note.?Lets meet at the field.Follow

me”she said applying her usual bright smile then walking out

of class.

I banged close my locker and walked to follow her.

“Hey,We Mose.Niaje.Maze huezi nishow venye kulienda”It was

Marto,the parrot guy.

“Aaa..Iza..acha nikam ntakushow nkirudi”i said giving an

impression that i need go im in a hurry.

“Najua kamekuita.Ako usisamehe.Finya kitu.hahaha”he said

laughing same as i.

I found June seated at the centre of the field picking some

tiny grass on the ground.

“Sit here”she showed on the ground.

“Tell me.Did your parents scold you?”

“Hahaa..Nope.When we parted,i went to my neighbours

house,Caro.When my parents came to ask for my wherabouts

there,they found me and i told them i had stopped over to

borrow some asignment.She was relieved to find me and

called to inform the deputy that she had found me.That was

it”she narrated.

“Waah..thanks God.I was so terrified”i said.

“You dont have cool now.So uuum,will we meet again

today?”she asked

“Today again?Does it have to be today?”i asked.

“Yeah.Or dont you want us to finish what was cut short

yesterday??”she said.

Oh God.I was confused.I did not know what response to give.I

was afraid.No.Not today.Oh my God.What do i tell her.

June was the most daring person i had ever met.I mean,she

talked of such a sensitive topic like it was just obvious.She

was not shy.She neither was afraid of facing me and ask for

what i regarded adult content and too private to be asked for

in bear light especially when looking directly into my eyes.

“Say something Mose..”she said wearing an optimistic face.

“I dont not sure whether we should meet.Yesterday’s

incidents left me consternated and confused.I think we should

first of all let it unload off me”i explained.

“Please Mose.It will only be for a while we wont take long like

jana”she said reaching for my fingers but then retracted

immidiately she realized we were out in bare oppenness.

“Ok.let me think over it and will inform you before its lunch

time.alright?”i assured her and left for the class.

When i got in the class,Marto came to me smiling broadily.

“Maan these girls are running crazy for you”he said.

“Why say so,”i asked.

“Come,follow me,i have something to show you”He said

leaving the class and i followed………..

Part6 waiting

written by Miss. Maura


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