too young to love

We stood behind the latrines and he produced what seemed

like a folded foolscap then handed it to me.

“Whats this”i asked unwrapping it.

“Read” he said.



**Hi mose,how are you.I hope uko fine.Niko poa pia.I know it

has taken you by shock to receive this letter from me.I know

you are wondering what its all about,and why it should be

written instead of me coming to you in person.Honestly

speaking it has taken me so much courage,and infact,i had to

do some ten pressups before gaining the guts to write to

you,but its because of the pressure inside me,that i finally had

to spill the beans,kitakacho imba kiimbe.Mose you remember

that day on saturday when you came to pick your book from

school and found me sitting on your locker doing some

revision?I remember it was around 4pm,and when i stretched

my hand to greet you,you said you preffer hugging.I had not

hugged anyone apart from my mum before.Especially a dude?


So when you hugged me i felt an unexplainable feeling cut

through my chest and i toasted.Then when i told you there is

a difficult mathematic question if you could help me solve

it,you accidentaly touched my thighs when explaining to me

but you did not realize.All that time,i was running in another

galaxy of fantacy and illusion.Even when you asked if i had

understood,i said No so that you continue placing your palm

on my thigh.

Mose since then i have been thinking of you.Every minute that

passes without me seeing you sounds like a lifetime.When i

see you talk to other girls i feel jealous.I feel like starting

trouble with them.How i wish that you are always by my

side.How i wish you could be mine and mine only.

When i told my elder siz about the feeling,she told me its love.

Mose would you be by any chance having the same feeling i

have towards you?Aki i want you so bad.So bad that if i am to

do anything to have you,i will absolutely do.Please reply and

tell me what you think about this.

Caro Njeri***

And i was smiling uncontrollably like a mad man upon reading

the letter.

Caro was that other gorgeous lady in the class whose beauty

matched that of June.I had never at any one point thought of

her loving me,a poor fella,of low background,unlike her family

was,wealthy and stable.Asking for a hand in a relationship

was the last thing i expected from her before the world towed

to an end.I was running crazy at the moment before Marto

alarmed it was time we get back to the class.

As we walked in,Caro flushed some suggestive eyes at me

and winked.June on the other end smiled at me and her eyes

followed me until that moment i got seated. How do i balance

between the two.They both are beautiful,both from rich

families,have everything for a queen and sweet to admire.I

breathed off the thoughts and promised to call myself to a

meeting later on to decide on what side to lean most.

The CRE class kicked off and i can assure you for the whole

of that session,nothing seemed to linger in my head apart

from June and Caro.

It was on a friday,and the next day was to be on a

saturday.We dont attend classes on weekends and therefore i

considered myself free for a whole two days.It is during these

two days that i should arrange my meeting with the two

girls,each for a different day.Yes,none of them should know

about my meeting with the other.

I plucked a piece of paper from my CRE book and tore it into

two and wrote two seperate messages,one for June and the

other one for Caro.

**caro,i got your message.Can we meet tomorrow?**

Her response**No problem Mose,infact my mum and dad will

be out and it will be me and my siz**

To June–**sasa June.I have thought over the issue and

remembered my Grandma asked me to home early today**I

lied **but we can meet on sunday after church and have our

time together**

Her response**Yah its cool.But know i love you and you are

mine.Btw my bro told me to go to his place on sunday after

church so you can take me.Mwaah**


Its 3pm and i throw my old blanket off my tiny bed.Yaawn and

stretch.I do my things really fast,run to the bathroom,back to

my room,put on a truck suit trouser,a C-t-shirt and my sports

shoes.Say goodbye to Shosh before heading off to Caro’s

place and in a span of 30 minutes am at their gate.

I ring on a bell and the gate is opened.It’s her big siz.

“Oh hi Mose,we’ve been expecting you.Come over,Caro is in

the bathroom”

“..hi..haha,how did you know my name”

“We know these things Mose.Or dont you think we also go

through them.She told me about you and your coming”

“So what do they call you”

“Meloxc.Meloxc Wambui”

“Melon?what a name”

“Meloxc.Not Melon”

“Oh yeah i get it.Meclos.I mean Melosc..Melo.Melos…that

name,is it an algebraic formulae.Too hard to prononce.I preffer

calling you Wambu”

Then we are inside the sitting room and she walks out and im

left alone to scan the inside.

Large windows,carpeted floor,ultimate coaches,Large Tv

screen,huge doors,Glass tables…

“Hiiii Mosee”it was Caro on her bedroom door with a towel

wrapped around her chest.

“Come over to my room im from the bathroom”

“But you are not in your clothes.Si you first of all put

something on”

“You just come,is there anything big with that”

Then i walk up to her door and she lets me in.She asks to me

to sit on her bed then picks some keys on the bedside

table.She heads towards the door with her towel still on and

locks the door from inside.I panic.

“Why are you locking the door Caro”i ask.

“I just love it locked.Are you worried”she says sitting just next

to me.

“No..only that im not used to locking doors during the day”

she stands and draws the window’s curtain closed and im

suspicious of something.

Why is she acting this way.?

She comes back to where i am seated and finds me perusing

over her photo album book.

Remember her towel is still on and i can bet my life she had

nothing inside.Kwani did i not see how her buttocks shook

inside the towel?

“That’s me at the age of five.”she pointed on a pic.

“and who is this”

“My uncle”

“And what place is this”

“Cravers.Cravers inn Thika.We go there almost every weekend

to swim”

She was leaning hard towards me at this time such that i could

feel her right breast stand on my left chest.She placed her left

arm on my left thigh just near the forbidden territory and a

sharp sensation ran up into my veins.I swallowed a big lump

of saliva and pretended to continue perusing over the album’s


She went on explaining and showing me different pics on the

album,where and when they took the photos and so on and so


She was faintly moving her palm on my thighs and i knew soon

Mr.D would want to know whats going on.And true,thats what


It was running late at that time,and soon it would be 6.30pm.

Tiny droplets started hitting the roof and i was afraid it would

next rain heavily.She walked up to the window to peep and

true,a heavy cloud had accumulated high above the sky.

Drop to drops,heavy to heavier they became and sooner a

heavy downpour run from the sky.

“Oh God!”i exclaimed.

Then suddenly,a sharp thunderstorm cut the atmosphere and

the lights went off.Caro was skinned out,let out a loud yell and

came jumping on me in fear.Her towel dropped off almost

immediately she clinged on to me but never bothered to pull it


Part7waiting @ 9:30am

Written by Miss. Maura


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