rejected greats

They grew up alone,

Slept on the street for years,

Challenges make fist with them each day,

Their aim is to become great ,

Each day was filled with different obstacles,

Rejected by family and friends because they are “Orphans”.
Every night they sleep,

Talking of what they want to be

Unaware of the world they are born to

Hawking to make ends meet

All becuase they dont want to steal meat

How unlucky they are

The people that stood with them,

Many at times molest them,

Failures, Disrespects,

and lot more are their daily encounters, 

Yet Their aim is to be great.
Families took them in

Made them theirs

But all was a lie.


Slaves they were

In the house they call home

They value what they have, and pictured themselves in high places,

And never allowed situations to weigh them down.

After a lot of problems,

Those who can endure,

enjoy more of it.
All they went through

Was of no hindrance

To their set goal.

Minds made up

Determination was key 

With this they unlocked 

All impossible doors
They look back at their lives and feel proud about it,

Those who don’t value them,

Who disrespect,embarrass

And disregard them,

Now look unto them.

Only because they see themselves as an “orphans” who should go greater places in life.

Araink🖋and Sir. Tomisin Eshton✍🏾


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