​I was not aware now I know

If it kills it will start with me, 

Is just a hard feeling to deal with, 

I just can’t accept the fact that I’m single, 

In life we all I need that someone special to lift you up when you are down, 

That someone to be your doctor when you sick,

A grandpa when you have headache ,

You need a hand to hold you when you weak, 

A bread to eat when you starving, 

I confess as I grow older I need my king, 

My mother just can’t give me that hug, 

Kiss on my chicks, 


Say goodnight before I sleep, 

Read story book’s to me, 

Kiss me before il leave the house, 

She changed, 

Hence why I’m involved in puppy relationship and this boys want to puff and pass yet I’m in need for love, 

To be hold like a teddy is my desire, 

I last had that when was a newborn, 

To sleep in his chest il listen to his heartbeat, the melodious sound, 

To be touched is the satisfaction,feeling you will never forget, 

A feeling that keep you coming, 

Holding each other closer,body to body, 

The body temperature, 

The heat, 

The softness, of the skin,

Skin so smooth, 

Exchanging the breath, breathing out, 

Damn the heat that’s what makes you go mad and go in wonderland,

Is making love we call it,

Is when you feel love and being accepted although some use this as their satisfaction For lust, greedyness,using people as tool’s,

I swear this had turn to be pleasure for some people, 

This continues is like a fashion, 

While some soul’s are bleding in their hurts, 

Having having unhealed wounds, 

Permanent stamp, 


Damn I hate this phobia hence I’m being seen as a bitch, a whore, man-eater,gold-digger,evil,demon possessed, a daughter of Satan, 

Mama give me that love again, 

Hard enough I’m done. 

Written by Phumgirl


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