​Hairpiece reminds me of that day. 

I confess, 

I have a phobia,

Il never put on a hairpiece,

It bring back that scene, 

It paint my mind with a  red paint, 

It brings sorrow, 

It brings sadness, 

Its fragility for me,

I just can’t.
Hairpiece reminds me of that day, 

He crab it like a piece of newspaper,

He pull it, 

He hold it tight, 

Ask my skin pores they will tell you a story, 

A history indeed, 

I swear I won’t anymore,

Hairpiece shall be defeated.

My friends at school don’t understand me they think I’m weird, 

I’m a lesbian,

Something is wrong with me, 

I’m not girlish, 

Or I’m into fashion, 

Or I’m to young to be a lady, 

They are wrong YES I grew up with boys, 

But that doesn’t change anything I’m still a girl, 

Girls no offence but I don’t like hairpiece since that day, 

I asked myself many questions, 

Why hairpiece?

Why not natural? 

Where does it come from? 

Who created it? 

Who the owner? 

Why selling to us? 

I blamed myself I thought maybe that was the reason I did funny things, did wrong decision, just do it! Without thinking, 

Think was demon possessed, 

Ah let me stop there, 

But this hairpiece maybe was not thinking properly but found myself leaving home saying I’m going to Mpumalanga to see him, 

While the charmer boy was lying he lived in Villa Lisa while I was on my way to Mpumalanga,

Eish let me stop there if you want to know more come to my office after 5 years from now il be a psychologist,a counsellor il tell you more, 

Sorry ladies I hate hairpiece it reminds me of that day, 

It reminds me of that day I was hurt emotional, 



I screamed I shouted,

But still the was no answer it was a bush, 

This sticks scratched my back while he pushed me down, 

And he sweared, 

The kick, 

The clap,

Il never forget the day 14 February while some people celebrated love, 

I was crying, 

Whenever you celebrate this day think of me, 

Bare in mind that I was molested, 

A pain il never forget, 

Maybe il heal with time, 

But it was a boom, 

In my life.
Sorry guys I like my dreadlocks, hairpiece reminds me of that day!


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