Poem: Secrets by seun



Almost every woman has her secrets

She chooses to hide

Wanting everything to be perfect

To be a beautiful bride

Unless he is her first

Not knowing of any other love

Blessed is their union

From up above

Hashing through her past

Hoping she’s making the right decision

Wanting a love that will always last

dancing around her indiscretions

There is always that one secret

that could stop her dreams from coming true

That is why she never mentions

Her feelings she has for you

When she let you go

She didn’t think you were the one

Shooting you to your soul

Her words killing you, she was wielding the gun

With tears rolling down your face

She could see your heart break

But she couldn’t stop the running

Needing to win her great race

Wanting to get to the finish line

To get that shiny trophy

Not knowing that in time

It will become tarnished and rusty

Wanting to talk to you

to tell you her feelings

Before she takes that plunge

Her heart trapped on the ceiling

Wondering if you will answer her call

and listen to her story

Poet: Seun


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