Peeping through the spaces between O’s

Zooming through the lens in zoetic rhymes

Browsing through files of alliteration atrocities 

Fraudulently acquiring factual funds
Emotional commentaire of a sad love story

Trying to apologize,  a way say sorry

Ruthless expression of a social standing,  totally tory

Sometimes, abstract, just scribbles for some glory 

A knife to murder speculations,  words so gory
It’s not a word with lies


It’s a word with lives

Slowly becoming an expatriate we asylum her

Slowly loosing recognition,  we strive with her

Having been given a voice,  I owe her
We teach 

We preach

We glorify

We romance 

We cry 

We pour out our views

Collectively we poeticise


Email :t.ziwenjere@gmail.com 

Fb : http://www.facebook.com/TakuDZee

Instagram :www.instagram.com/taku.zee

Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/TakuZee1 

Call/Whatsapp : +263777409467


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