​A MAN OF MANY COLOURS. (To Niyi Osundare) by John Vincent


man of many colours
man of many colours

He is the rainbow in the sky, a million

voices that echoes around the world,

an Iroko among the trees of the forest

created in the midst of unfade black colours;

our days have tasted the sweet fragrance

of your fined linen shirt of bravity and love.

Oh! Happy is our song of hope feasting 

with an Ekiti yam joyfully without tears, 

not in this season shall we be ashamed; 

not in this song shall we be covered!

Ikere warriors have our hands  above in an appreciation of nature’s gift to mankind.

Our eyes shall soon wear a designed shirt, 

a white top made by the sphere of your words.

Our sweat and tears won’t drown us again,

 not here where we wear courage like a shield.

Old age shall we pray at your door step

through the heart beat of your verses.

Today is not deep to keep at heart, 

we will make a fine shelter to live; 

an abode with strong eyes of your words.

Though we may travel a million weary miles 

but at your feet we’ll wear winner’s smiles.

Your hope, our hope; hoping to conquer fate.

We’ve sieved out our vices to dine at the 

table of your abundance of precious deeds, 

we are strong enough to control the privileges 

of the coming future, with some part of your

colours we stand to redefine what you started.

A man of many colours you are among men!

A singer, a drummer, a farmer, a word savour,

a dancer with a beautiful legs that tell of future.

Ogonga and olu-ikere salutes your greatness.

Together we shall stand at market square to 

celebrate more years we’ve known your pen.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

     Voice Of Vincent 2016


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