Despair (by mac Henry


I sit hapless: a damned soul,

in the dark shadows of grief 

glancing into deeper shadows, 

bitten by black flies.

Mama, where is the wild chants 

and countless tickles that heralded 

my arrival at birth?
Why should my lips be made 

to sing songs of sorrow?

Every time the sun runs to hide.

Why does my heart beat rhythm

of pains? 

I’m lost in thoughts that are dragging,

drawing, sinking me deep in despair
Mama, hunger has seized the stream 

of my blood and the crop of my heart 

has been molested by the garment of weed.

Why is the universe desecrated 

with chameleon faeces?

Why should the innocent die 

While the wicked trample 

on their graves with scorn?
You didn’t tell me to be gold, 

one must jump into baking coal,

speak to me! if my birth is a fluke

as they said, or has your lips 

been shot by the wind?

speak to me! because my heart 

is bleeding to death.

© Mac Henry


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