how? by Phumgirl


How can I heal while my heart is still bleeding, 

How can I heal while still  got scars, 

How can I heal while got wounds,

How can I heal while my heart is left on the streets cars pumping on it, 

They smashed it, 

It hurts, 

It’s dead ,

So how can I?,

Show me the method, 

The recipe,

Damn I can’t I tried I failed.
How can I ?

I’m dying inside, 

I don’t have peace, 

My heart is rotten, 

Full of mould, 



Worms moving rapidly,

This heart is dead, 

Be ready to burry,

Ashes to ashes, 

Dress code: Black and white, 

Come and kiss it goodbye. 

I tried to saviour but I failed,how can I, 

While I don’t get love, 

While I don’t have supporting structure, 

While I don’t have the foundation to build a big house, 

Tell me which method to use? 

Mama I need a hug from you had enough, 

Is too much, 

I tried is hard, 

I’m just a rejected soul,

Is hard to believe, 

Hard to digest, 

Hard to cope, 

I just can’t find a hand to hold me tight, 

I also deserve peace, 

Deserve harmony, 

Deserve care, 

I need a hug,

I need someone to whisper in my ears: kuzolunga, 

I need someone to whisper: It  will pass, 

I need someone who will whisper : I’m sorry even if it was not his fault,

I need someone who will check up on me, 

I need someone who will call me now and then, 

I need text messages, 

I need someone who will sing for this poor heart, 

My heart is dead! 

I’m called names, 

By the one I love they just don’t understand how I feel, 

Im dying inside, 

There’s fire, 

There’s conflict, 

There’s no peace, 

They think I’m desparate, 

I can’t accept, 

I can’t live without a man, 

Not really, but I need a helping hand, 

Someone to hold my pain, 

Someone to offload my burden, 

Someone to help me cope, 

Someone to walk miles with me, 

Someone to wipe my tears with his naked hands, 

Someone to keep me going, 

This pain is permanent,

Feel like something has been stolen, 

It’s like I have been robbed, 



Il stop there… 

Hope you get it, 

It hard, 

It’s painful, 

It’s traumatising, 

Wish can erase, 

Wish can delete, 

Wish it was not me, 

But it’s impossible, 

No turning back, 

I’m a victim! 

Written Phumgirl


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