Starting from friendship    By. Tomisin Eshto


Not in my life had i meet a woman beautiful and pure, my heart can not but rave out of insanity to which it needs no cure, anger and jealous fills me like a cup of rum but I mask with smile and proud ambitious lot, i do not want to let my guard down, in this case the fear that I lose you if my heart love thee mocks me like a clown.
dead i am not but alive; i breathe much, my ears; filled with orchestrated weeping, my mind; unable to bear the pretence i masquerade,I feel your pains and joys, i clearly see your unexplained emotions that leaves you with naked sad expressions, i am aware but little can I do, for my feeble heart; if I show affection lest I succumb to that which leaves me yearning.
I hold love in its cubicle so it be not defiled, i beg thee, we start as innocent lads and maidens do, hence, we grow in oneness to understand one another, thus, have i refuse to caress,stroke or satisfy the natural wantings, denying myself of desires craved by the body.       
my only wish is to love in its purest, not out of lust nor the hunger to feed off your weakness, nor the taking of your kindness for my selfish Wiles, nor do i want to exercise authority like cave men.
Let me be shower thee with affection, lay caution to our intimacy, lest we fall to our lust, leaving in ruins what ought to be a memory of glamour, all in the haze of an act similar to a one night stand.

By. Tomisin Eshton.


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