by Soul’e Rhymez

Being wise is not the absence of folly, but ability to admit folly and learn from them immediately you recognize them. I have done more foolish things than any of my contemporaries, but the difference is that I have been able to learn from them more than anyone of them.” – Soul’e Rhymez
One of the most foolish things I have done is to write, talk about, or give reference to female that pretends not to know I exist.

I tell you the truth, this is one of the worst ways I have wasted my pen, paper, time and even my unique thoughts.
If I can’t grace your timeline for just once in a year, which should be on my birthday and I do not deserve a non abbreviated message from you, then you deserve no place in my write-ups, on my social media platforms and in my heart. 
It seem the ladies from this part of the world are so dumb, I still wonder why it never occurred to them that every guy wants a lady that will support him and say to the world how much she loves him, as much as he talks about her too.
Why must it be the guys proclaiming their love all the time, while the ladies are useless superstars for doing nothing? Maybe it is only applicable to me, it is one of the dumbest things I have done, but it stops now.
Henceforth, I won’t write for any lady again, I won’t make mention to any lady, until they do the same about me publicly. 

It is better to ignore the woman that I love, who in return toils with my feelings for the one that love me for who I am. The same should go for the ladies.
I am not lesser than any woman and can never be lesser, regardless of her status. I AM THE MAN! 

I am not intimidated and will not be intimidated by the success of any woman, instead, I will loud them; tell the world about her achievements, but this time, for me to do it, she’ll have to believe in me and do the same first.
No woman deserves a place in my future, if she can’t be proud of me; proclaim her love for me, now that I am nothing. 

My kingdom will only be shared with the woman, who can see the future with me now, support my vision as much as I support hers.

Sex is different, I can get it anywhere, but a woman with a golden heart and unique mentality is scarce.
Still searching…
Did you gain anything from this? If yes, why not share for others to read?

Written by Soul’e Rhymez

WhatsApp: +2348163800077


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