I’ll die one day
I’ll be lay on bed when my spirit rises

I’ll watch it going straight to d heaven 

My people will be crying

I shall be watching them too

But unable to speak or console them

I shall die one day
My body will be carried unpitily to d grave 

People shall call me no more my name 

But corpse 

I shall die without holding anything to d grave

Who shall be my companions please?

Who shall be i asked 

In this a lonely house

I shall die and be questioned of my deeds!
Ehn! After my buried 

People shall talk of me

My deeds when alive shall also speak of me

Will people pronounce me good?

That worries my mind alot

Will i pass the question of the grave’s agencies?

This makes me cry often 

Will the Mighty God welcome my soul?

This puts me in absolute fear

Must i even die one day?
Certainly, Every soul shall die

And be made accountable of deeds done

We shall all die a day and no more!

       O I SODIQ


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