poem: Teach me if you can. by Isaac Etor 

​I’m bad at love 

no,  I don’t deny it

I’m bad at love 

But, I find myself falling  for someone my heart cannot hold;
who would teach me? 

who would teach me to hold onto love?

to the love of someone my heart truly aches for;

and races endlessly when her absence is felt;

to the smile I want to wake up to seeing every morning 
whose breast my head wakes up to rest 
who would teach me to be good at love?

cherishing every moment without regret

memories to hold onto and never forget

heart that echoes feelings without relent 
who would teach me to pay less attention to her imperfections 

helping her achieve her dreams even those of fabrications

standing by her when the World goes against her and all she stands for? 

who would teach me to say less goodbyes and more welcome 

feel less heart break and more heart warm

dance to more happy songs and less sad ones
I know I’m bad at love
No, I don’t deny it

still,  I find myself falling for someone my heart cannot hold 

teach me if you can

that which my heart let go so easily 

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