​Beauty of words By iwrite

Beauty of words

Make me your Genisis 

and I will make you my Revelation

Make me old in your loving ways

And I will  add a new recipe to this union

Make me your number 1

And  then I will make you my spotlight for everyone to see

Give me your Lips of honest

Then I will give you mine of trust

Walk with my feet of plans

Then I will  draw a distance into our goals

Name our first son hope

Then I will give you miracle

Woke me early in the morning

Then I will  fear the night and come back home early

Be my joke 

And I will be your laughter for ever

Be my exam

And I will pass with flying colours

Be my patience

And you will eat ripe fruits 

Be my warmth

And I will make u my hiding place

Be my eyes 

Then I will never look back

Be my courage

Then I will not have fear to die for you

Be my case

Then I  will plead you innocent 

Be my character

Then you will know what to recite

Be my ring 

Then I will circle around  your sorrow and burn it

Be my success

And I will be  a sting  in your heart of riches

Be a time keeper

Then I will respect as a princess

And tell me you love me

Then I will show my world

#Crazie thoughts of mine


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