Poem: Our Roads by Thomas Wisdom Kalu

We spend millions of naira constructing them,
Yet unexpectedly it deteriorates in no distant time.

Another undefined dead-trap in our metropolis,
Siezing and terminating the fun of plighting highways…as hobby.

An unsumptuous tenour after tenour project,
Given unpragmatic attention by our government and leaders.

A clear-cuttage daily bread to unpatriotic contractors,
Commissioners and workers who privatize and syphone the public released funds.

Evident crazy state of our roads and highways,
Dilapitated road navigation facilities a reprimand and no-credit to us.

A factor to the uncontrolled proliferation of transport fares,
Fine short-cut to 6-feet and ubiqutous tears.

When’ll our roads turn world class?
A professionally constructed route, not jump and pass.

Good roads our safety inview,
And a tranquilized checkment on accident and death…in review.


Nigerian Road

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