Don't regret
Just where I belong

Resting well, eating well, thinking well

It’s a step forward at least, as I grab a pawn on the board

And as I recall from a long way we came loving and bold

At first blush happiness was our daily food

Flushing smiles in the corridors that were good

Remember, my smile never faded

Even when all my states and sorrows were bedded

Those eyes, That face, That smile, Those lips, That kiss

Who would stay infuriated?

All your jabs were filled with everlasting ecstasy

Men came and dusted their feet with empathy

Men came, looked, appreciated, then turned back

There on the horizon we were happy

There on the Greek theatres we drunk sappy

Making unbreakable vows to each other’s hearts

Dancing and laughing at each other’s farts

Marking our moments with pictures

Hundreds of pictures

There we made inerasable memories

I was the luckiest man in the universe

Just where I belonged.
And then I saw it, I ignored it

And then I saw it again, I ignored it

I tried to talk to you about it

“such I do not like” I said

You ignored it, ceasing the advantage of my soft personality

But I never stopped talking, I just had to

You said I talked like a girl, I just had to

You said  I was excavating your past, I just had to

You said many things that cannot be unsaid

Hurtful words that hurt my pride

Hurtful words that broke my spirit

Hurtful words that bled my brain

“Such I do not like”  I kept mumbling

You ignored it

But I warned you that nobody is a machine

So ought we not to rest?

When the body is weary, it must have its sleep

When the eyes are heavy, must we not close them?

When the legs are tired, must we not sit?

Even the sun must rest at night…

So who are we to go on?

I have tried to reason with you

I have tried to beat some sense into you

Merely you keep on drinking from the cup of childishness

You confuse childishness and true love

When a seed is planted, you expect it to grow

ripen and be harvested

“you can never change me, it’s who I am” you told me

Our lyrics became sedated…

So, just let me be, I should have my rest

I am happy I met you

I am happy I loved you

To me you hold a special place in my heart

But I cannot go on like this anymore

My brain has bled enough

Its time to heal the wounds

I am now letting you go, I do not know to where

But I know one thing, that to where I am going

I do not regret.

By  Garnet Howse.

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