Poem: The good old love by Isaac Etor

The good old love

What the heart sees clearly,
The eyes struggle to find;
What makes the body whole,
The legs seems to avoid;
How can one understand that which one pays attention to not?

Cliches of love hung on air
Falling on the ears of many who doesn’t comprehend;

The good old love many say is pure and true to the heart;

Like Romeo and Juliet,
Whose heart never met with hesitation,
Pouring freely all it has to the only heart that listened;

Leaving their dust to the wind to spread their good old love
to ears that listens,
To pen that writes,
To heart that voices,
To eyes that recognizes;

To Poets, that catches voice of the wind,
To singers that calms our troubled sea;

The good old love many say is the purest;
The good old love is what we fail to see;

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